A Best Bet Book: A Review of Casino-ology2

Huntington Press title Casino-ology2 reviewed.

By CEM StaffCreated 08/01/2011 – 07:30

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Eliot Jacobson

When thinking about the broad landscape of issues that face casino game management, the main problem is getting fact-based, useful information. With the proliferation of casinos and the widespread increase in numbers of those involved in game management, there should be many good sources available to address management questions. However, that is simply not the case. Maybe it’s because the industry is still very young, and maybe it’s because gambling is a tough business that involves complex decision making and advanced mathematical understanding, but either way, the result is that there is a lot of nonsense out there that passes for good advice and very little actual good advice.

Without a body of literature to consult, many casinos result to hiring consultants. The amount of money spent by casinos in search of guidance and decent training is extraordinary, especially given the truly poor quality of what they usually get. Whether charismatic preacher, flim-flammer or detail-man, many consultants pass rhetoric off as substance, mythology as wisdom, and spreadsheets as advice. Simply put, there is a genuine need for consultants who “know their stuff.”

And that’s where Bill Zender enters the picture. Zender shares his knowledge in a way that is at once respectful, easily understood, intelligent and valuable. Zender always has a specific management problem in mind when he offers solutions. He recognizes decision points before he gathers data. He knows the hidden costs and benefits. His analysis is as simple as it is compelling.

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