A Holiday Gift Guide for Poker Fans

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bloombergviewRenowned poker player and writer James McManus recommends Huntington Press’ The Moneymaker Effect: The Inside Story of the Tournament that Forever Changed Poker.

While the poker player on your list might not be pushy enough to mention it, the gift she or he almost certainly covets most is the $10,000 buy-in to the World Series of Poker Main Event next July, with maybe a little something extra thrown in for airfare and expenses at the Rio casino in Las Vegas.

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Justin Bieber, Frank Cullotta, What Went Down?

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tmzLogoAs promised, here’s the scoop on the question to which even gossip mavens TMZ could find no answer, namely: “What the heck was Justin Bieber doing chatting with Frank Cullotta?” (or vice versa, for that matter). It turns out that the Biebs was exiting Sunset Boulevard’s storied Rainbow Bar & Grill just as our notorious former-mobster author was entering. Once inside, Cullotta was approached by the Biebs’ bodyguard…

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The Killing of Tupac Shakur

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KNPR_200It’s been 18 years since Tupac was fatally shot in Las Vegas and this morning a notable panel on KNPR’s State of Nevada discussed the rapper’s legacy and the implications of his murder. Among the panelists was Huntington Press Author Cathy Scott, whose The Killing of Tupac Shakur remains the seminal account of the still-unsolved shooting was recently published in its third edition, featuring material that could not previously be published.

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Frank Cullotta meets Bieber

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tmzLogoFor reasons as-yet unknown, former Mob hitman Frank Cullotta, the subject of Huntington Press’ eponymous memoir, was caught on camera by gossip site TMZ chatting with Justin Bieber. We will update this post next time we chat with Frank, or author Dennis Griffin, and find out why! For the time being, click “See more” to view the mysterious captured footage on YouTube.

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Las Vegas Advisor Testimonial

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lifeonshelfJennifer, an avid Las Vegas traveler and blogger, reviews Anthony Curtis’ Las Vegas Advisor membership and coupon book.

A membership is $37 and you get more than that back in free play.  Also the dining coupons are great for people who are not avid gamblers and do not have comps.  If you are traveling with someone, look at how much you can save on dining.
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Casino Secrets on Discovery Channel

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September 10, 2014

Anthony Curtis is featured in an episode of Casino Secrets on Discovery Channel alongisde casino super-host and Whale Hunt in the Desert subject, Steve Cyr.

To see more on the episode visit TVRage.com

Annie Duke’s Story on High Stakes Gambling Featured on the Moth Podcast and Website

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TheMothLogo“BusByway” outlines Annie Duke’s podcast released by “The Moth” during the televised Tournament of Champions.

September 9, 2014

Faced with an all-in situation, Duke explains how precious seconds started ticking while she contemplated her pocket 10s. She wanted to prove to the world she belonged at the table of the Tournament of Champions, and made a decision that no poker player should ever make: she played not to lose, not to get knocked out.
“The great thing in poker is that sometimes the cards save you from yourself, save you from your self-doubt,” Duke says.
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Reefer Gladness: Stories, Essays and Riffs on Marijuana

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420420 Magazine reviews Huntington Press’ Reefer Gladness, written by Michael Konik.


August 13, 2014

Judging the book by it’s black and white cover and spartan artwork, I braced myself for a tedious read…….I was hooked on page 4

…Whether you’ve smoked once or twice in college, or if you’ve smoked once or twice this morning, you’ll find you can “totally relate” to this book. This guy gets it, for sure. One page will have you recalling your first encounters with weed, women, wine…..the next page will have you laughing at and relating to stories about the munchies.
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The Moneymaker Effect…effect?

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pokerstars-logoChris Moneymaker, the man and legend himself, reviews Huntington Press’ The Moneymaker Effect, written by Eric Raskin, and the effect it had on poker as a whole.

August 12, 2014

It’s pretty interesting to read what others have to say about that year — about my play, about the tournament in general, about everything that was going on with Binion’s, and everything else.
..the whole dynamic between Sam and myself, being so different — basically polar opposites — made things fun, too. Sam was definitely the Vegas grinder, the typical pro, and people didn’t know as much about poker back then which made his personality even more interesting.
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Book Review: The Moneymaker Effect (Author — Eric Raskin)

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NolanDallaLogoWSOP.com Senior Writer and longtime Media Director of the World Series of Poker, Nolan Dalla, reviews Huntington Press’ The Moneymaker Effect, by Eric Raskin, on NolanDalla.com.

Aug. 7, 2014
“Even with the talented veteran freelance writer Eric Raskin doing all the research and organizing the narrative, I skeptically wondered what new territory could possibly be uncovered on an all-too familiar subject known to just about anyone who’s played a hand of poker within the past decade…
“Raskin’s genius comes in the clever layout of the subject matter and easy-to-digest presentation of material which is far more comprehensive than anything previously released.  The same story gets retold again, of course,  but from angles which are at times strikingly different.”

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PokerNews Book Review: The Moneymaker Effect by Eric Raskin

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July 31, 2013

From start to finish, The Moneymaker Effect delivered and [is] chock-full of new information and engaging perspectives.

It sounds clichéd to say something is an instant classic, but that’s exactly how I felt after reading this book. The art of the oral history is in the weave, and Raskin proves to be an expert weaver of a poker narrative. I actually had the chance to sit down with Raskin to ask him some questions about his book:
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Book Review: My Week at the Blue Angel

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nevadareview“Nevada Book Review” gives My Week at the Blue Angel, published by Huntington Press, a glowing review. This nonfiction book was written by Matthew O’Brien, who is also the author of Beneath the Neon, another Huntington Press book.

March 8, 2011

O’Brien effectively provides another glimpse into the lives of the people that live in Las Vegas, but are not privy to the glamour of the Strip.  These are the people who are lost, who have lost something, and are dreaming of the day when they might want to go find it or themselves again.

At times My Week at the Blue Angel tells these stories sympathetically and with compelling conviction, and at times it really shines.
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