Tax Help For Gamblers? You Bet!

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forbesForbes reviews Huntington Press title Tax Help for Gamblers.

If, however, you’re one of the millions of taxpayers who do like to gamble on a casual basis, take heart. When it comes to taxes, the rules for casual gamblers aren’t terribly complicated.

The law requires you to report your gambling winnings no matter what the amount or whether it’s a legal bet. There’s no exception for illegal wagers: income is income so far as the Internal Revenue Service is concerned. Casual gamblers report their winnings on line 21 (other income) of a federal form 1040; the form 1040-EZ isn’t equipped to handle gambling winnings.

But what if you, like me, lose?

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IMCA 2015 Annual Conference

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imcaHuntington Press author Annie Duke headlines at the IMCA 2015 Annual Conference.

Annie Duke, who spent two decades as one of the world’s top poker players, winning several poker championships. She has shared her knowledge through best-selling poker instruction and theory books including Decide to Play Great Poker and The Middle Zone: Mastering the Most Difficult Hands in Hold’em Poker. She will share her insight on how decision making at the poker table can translate to sound investing strategies.

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An Insider’s Guide to Las Vegas Gambling: An Interview with Anthony Curtis

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virgin_atlantic_logoVirgin Atlantic interviews Las Vegas Advisor publisher Anthony Curtis on all the ins and outs of being a true Las Vegas insider.

The glittering lights, the irrepressible glamour, and, of course, the dreams of winning big: gambling in Las Vegas isn’t just an activity, it’s a lifestyle. And few know that better than Anthony Curtis, who’s called the city – and its casinos – home since the age of 21. One of the country’s best known professional players, he’s taken home huge jackpots in tournaments like the World Matchplay Blackjack Championships and the Atlantic City Craps Championship, and is behind both an insider’s guide to the city’s best deals and an independent publishing house that publishes gambling and strategy books (Huntington Press). In short, for anyone looking to dip a toe or two in the Las Vegas gambling scene, he’s the man to know.
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Book Review – Tax Help for Gamblers by Jean Scott

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pokertubeCheck out the new podcast on Pokertube reviewing Tax Help for Gamblers by Huntington Press author Jean Scott.

Read It: Book Review (Whale Hunt in the Desert)

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CasinoConnectionAClogoRoger Gros with Casino Connection AC reviews Huntington Press’ Whale Hunt in the Desert based on casino superhost Steve Cyr.

In Whale Hunt in the Desert—The Secret Las Vegas of Superhost Steve Cyr, author Deke Castleman writes: “The casino host caters to his players. He eats with them, drinks with them, parties with them, takes trips with them, and hangs with them in the casino—all the while repeating to himself, ‘Lose baby lose baby lose baby lose.’ His raises in salary, his performance bonuses, his perks, his juice—everything emanates from the losses of his players. This sometimes puts him in awkward, seemingly contradictory, positions.” If you’ve ever wanted to know how casino hosts do their jobs, you can’t miss Whale Hunt.

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‘Whale hunter’ Steve Cyr: Still in search of Las Vegas’ biggest bettors

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sun_masthead2Robin Leach explores the current lifestyle of “whale hunter” Steve Cyr and Whale Hunt in the Desert written by Huntington Press author Deke Castleman.

Writer Deke Castleman, who wrote seven editions of Compass Las Vegas from 1991 to 2003 and six editions of Nevada Handbook from 1988 to 1999, is the author of the third edition of “Whale Hunt in the Desert: Secrets of a Vegas Superhost” just published by Huntington Press and its

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New UNLV podcast: Steve Cyr

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David Schwartz discusses the high roller lifestyle with Steve Cyr, the “whale hunter” in Huntington Press’ Whale Hunt in the Desert by Deke Castleman.

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blackjackCriminal defense and gambling attorney Robert Loeb discusses taxes and reviews Tax Help for Gamblers  Huntington Press author Jean Scott.

For those who want to explore the tax law of every state, as well a more detailed consideration of all gambling/tax issues, I highly recommend the books by Jean Scott and Marissa Chien on Tax Help for Gamblers. In fact, there is a recent (2015) update of this book by Scott and Chien, and it is available as an ebook through Huntington Press (this edition contains the latest in tax news for gamblers).
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Gambling With an Edge – guest Anthony Curtis

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playerfmBob Dancer & Richard Munchkin discuss the new Flop, Turn, River and the 2015 Las Vegas Advisor Member Rewards Book with Huntington Press Publisher Anthony Curtis.

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Legal Or Not, Card Counting Is Not Appreciated at Las Vegas Casinos

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KNPR_200Game-protection expert and Huntington Press author Bill Zender is featured as one of the guests on KNPR’s “State of Nevada” show.

Former casino manager at the Aladdin Hotel-Casino Bill Zender told KNPR’s State of Nevada that in the 70s and 80s casino security would drag card counters to the casino cage have them cash out and then drag them outside.

That is not what security does now. Instead, players who are caught counting cards are asked not to play 21 any more.

Zender actually dealt with one of the teams from MIT that were counting cards. The team was depicted in the film “21.”

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In Praise of Anthony Curtis

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casinojournalCasino Journal pays tribute to Huntington Press/Las Vegas Advisor founder Anthony Curtis and his significant and ongoing contribution to the gaming industry.


Anthony Curtis is a prolific card counter and advantage player. Yes, more than anyone, he knows who is out there “getting the money” from casinos. And yes, he published information that helps both “regular Joe” casino customers and wannabe professional gamblers squeeze the most value from casinos.

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Two Poker Books That Even Non-Card Minded People Would Love

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new-jersey-online-poker-logoSteve Ruddock with NJ Poker Online reviews Huntington Press’ The Moneymaker Effect by Eric Raskin.

In 2015 the world relies on two minute YouTube clips and clickbait articles to get their information. Movies are streamed to mobile devices, and books can be downloaded and read on a phone. But there is still something magical about reading a paper book, especially for those of us who grew up in a time before cell phones and every home having a PC.

Books offer us an escape from our day-to-day lives, and if the author excels at their craft, the reader is often transported into the book, ready to turn page after page even though the alarm clock is set to go off in just a few hours.

People who read “The DaVinci Code” suddenly started devouring everything “Knights Templar” and “Holy Grail”. People who have read “Jurassic Park” are suddenly consumed with the possibilities and implications of finding usable DNA in fossils.

Likewise, people who read one of the following poker narratives – Eric Raskin’s “The Moneymaker Effect” and James McManus’s “Positively Fifth Street” – are often bit with the poker bug, ready to take on the game and its seasoned practitioners.
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