Steve Cyr: The ‘Chief Harpoonist’ of the Las Vegas Gambling Scene

rantRant Sports highlights Steve Cyr’s fame and lifestyle as a casino superhost, as described in the Huntington Press title Whale Hunt in the Desert.

Luckily for Steve, he’s among the best in the business, because he knows how to bring the whales to his hotel — and getting them to spend the big bucks while they’re there. Just watch the video above for an idea of what his job entails and some of his tactics when it comes to getting high-roller clients to spend big.

Steve was recently featured in a story from the Las Vegas Sun, and is the subject of the book Whale Hunt in the Desert, which you can find here. He’s become the pioneer for a whole different kind of sport that has Las Vegas booming.


To read the full article (including Steve’s interview with Piers Morgan) visit

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