‘It’s going to be crazy’ in Vegas for Mayweather-Pacquiao

RJMastheadNewEd Graney with the Las Vegas Review-Journal gets casino super host Steve Cyr’s thoughts prior to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

He’s not a whale. More of a high roller. More of a guy who will gamble $100,000 at the tables over a weekend, who will bet $10,000 a hand for several hours a day, who is showered with all the usual complimentary items of a hotel suite and food and beverage and spa treatment for his wife or girlfriend or, well, sometimes both.

One particular guy is from Missouri.

He recently lost $98,000 over a few days here, went home and paid his markers in record time. He had 90 days to make things right but didn’t take near that long.

“My phone rings and he says, ‘Hey buddy, I paid things off early because I want to come out for the fight,’ ” Steve Cyr said. “He says, ‘I’m going to make it easy on you. I have a new girlfriend and I only need two ringside tickets.’

“I told him that I loved him, but he had no chance. He just isn’t a big enough player.”

Turns out, the guy wanted the impossible.

Turns out, even Cyr couldn’t deliver this time.

The famed casino host who has seen it all, good and bad, incredible highs and heartbreaking lows, winners who amassed a fortune and those who killed themselves or were murdered upon losing it, how the line between basking in the bright lights of Las Vegas and dying in its most ruthless and unforgiving shadows is thinner than a dealer’s next card, has never seen anything like this.

The fight that is Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Manny Pacquiao on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden stormed past the event stage long ago and is now a full-fledged phenomenon. Whether the action inside a ring can match the ridiculously elevated level of hype that will have preceded it is no longer debated.

It absolutely can’t.


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