Winning Wisdom


The newest member of Team PokerStars and WSOP, EPT, and WPT champion Gavin Griffin reviews Huntington Press’ Kill Everyone in his weekly column for Card Player magazine.


 ‘This time around, Nelson teams up with Tysen Streib and Kim Lee to produce a book that gives suggestions on early-round tournament play and a very good mathematical breakdown of endgame strategies. There is even a section on shorthanded online cash games written by Mark Vos …


‘All of these points are the reason that I like Lee’s book so much, and why it has become my favorite poker book as of late. Admittedly, I haven’t read all of the recently released books on poker, but of the ones that I have ready, I enjoyed Kill Everyone the most. Thanks for writing a great book, Lee.’


This is an extract from the review that appeared in the Oct. 3, 2008 issue of Card Player. To read the entire review and Gavin’s glowing praise for the title, click here.

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