The Moneymaker Effect: Eric Raskin’s Instant Poker Classic

NevPokerReviews“Nevada Poker Reviews” blogger Steve Ruddock reviews Huntington Press’ The Moneymaker Effect by Eric Raskin.

July 7, 2014

A Great Writer + A Great Story = Instant Classic

Let me be very clear: I did not like The Moneymaker Effect, I absolutely loved it. I tore through this highly readable book in two sittings, devouring the “stories behind the story” of Chris Moneymaker’s 2003 World Series of Poker victory…
…Beyond being a page-turner, the information in this book is an extremely important piece of poker history, and had Raskin not chronicled these behind-the-scenes missives and anecdotes, I have a feeling most of it would have been lost to time, like so many other poker tales that live on somewhere between legend and reality.

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