Frank Cullotta meets Bieber

tmzLogoFor reasons as-yet unknown, former Mob hitman Frank Cullotta, the subject of Huntington Press’ eponymous memoir, was caught on camera by gossip site TMZ chatting with Justin Bieber. We will update this post next time we chat with Frank, or author Dennis Griffin, and find out why! For the time being, click “See more” to view the mysterious captured footage on YouTube.

… and the question on everyone’s lips, both at Huntington Press (i.e., here) and in the TMZ studio is: Why?! It was bizarre enough when Cathy Scott, author of our best-seller The Killing of Tupac Shakur, landed repeatedly on TMZ’s home page during an unlikely spat (since resolved) with rapper Wyclef Jean; now former Spiltro hitman Frank Cullotta has been captured on camera talking, even more mysteriously, with Justin Bieber! What will be the next strange Huntington Press celebrity encounter, we wonder? Lady Gaga sighted at a Bob Dancer video poker class? Kim Kardashian hangin’ with Matt O’Brien in Sin City’s storm drains? We’ll keep you posted…

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