Justin Bieber, Frank Cullotta, What Went Down?

tmzLogoAs promised, here’s the scoop on the question to which even gossip mavens TMZ could find no answer, namely: “What the heck was Justin Bieber doing chatting with Frank Cullotta?” (or vice versa, for that matter). It turns out that the Biebs was exiting Sunset Boulevard’s storied Rainbow Bar & Grill just as our notorious former-mobster author was entering. Once inside, Cullotta was approached by the Biebs’ bodyguard…

…and it turned out the young ruffian wanted nothing more than an innocent autograph and photo with Tony Spilotro’s notorious former right-hand man. Aw! Good citizen that he is these days, Frank took the opportunity to offer the troubled young musician some fatherly advice, suggesting he check his temper and keep his money in his pocket. Well, if there’s anyone who Justin Bieber might listen to, we figure Frank Cullotta might be that man and, sure enough, in today’s TMZ coverage, we learn that he’s halfway through an anger-management course (following the $80K house-egging incident that perhaps will also inspire him to heed that other advice from Uncle Frank).

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