Las Vegas Kicks Off 2011

Anthony Curtis’ nationally syndicated weekly column.

Jan. 5, 2011

It was a mostly controlled New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas where, despite huge crowds—an estimated 320,000 visitors—no violent incidents were reported on the Strip. Bystanders stood shoulder-to-shoulder (in sub-20-degree temperatures) to take in the elaborate fireworks show, then headed back into the casinos or to their cars, and the Strip was cleaned up and fully accessible by early morning on the 1st. There were 17 reported felony arrests and 52 arrests for suspicion of DUI. The biggest event of the evening, the Coldplay/Jay-Z concert at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, played for three hours, much of it simulcast on Cosmo’s big marquee.

Shaky Start: One casino off to a bad beginning in the new year is the Westin Casuarina, located on Flamingo Avenue just east of the Strip, which is about to revert to its lenders. It’s unclear at the moment where that will land the resort, or if a name change is in its future, but for now the casino remains in full operation.

See ’Em Now: Three high-profile shows are nearing the end of their respective runs. Impressionist Frank Caliendo has announced he’ll conclude his run at Monte Carlo some time this spring. The final shows for Supernatural Santana at Hard Rock are scheduled for January 5-16 and April 20-May 1. And though it’s received excellent reviews since just opening in December, the show Sinatra Dance With Me at Encore will run only till Jan. 29.

 Question: So where is the “secret” pizza place at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas?

Answer: To find the good pizza joint with no signs and no name, go to the third floor and look for Blue Ribbon Sushi. To the right, you’ll see an opening to a hallway lined with record jackets from famous Italian crooners. Follow Sergio Franchi, Connie Francis, the Conti Family, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Phyllis McGuire, Dean Martin, and, of course, Frank Sinatra to the end of the hallway and you’re there. It’s open from 11 am to 3 am daily. Yum!

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