Five Stars for New Huntington Press Title has high praise and five stars for new Huntington Press title.

Jan. 17, 2011

Throughout My Week at the Blue Angel there are vibrant flashes of humour, eccentricity and kindness. However, O’Brien stays true to his source material and throughout the book, it’s clear he’s not afraid of presenting the real face of Las Vegas – even if it makes for an uncomfortable read. For those who remain intrigued by the journalist’s accounts of the storm drains of Las Vegas, you’ll be pleased to learn that My Week at the Blue Angel features the dual narratives of O’Brien and fellow explorer, Joshua Ellis, as they investigate the underground drains. Nevertheless, whereas Beneath the Neon focused on just one facet of the secret side of Las Vegas, My Week at the Blue Vegas explores much more. For those looking to further understand the real nature of Las Vegas, O’Brien’s latest book is a must.

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