Witness Protection: Intimate Stories of Mobsters Who Sqealed

Strip Las Vegas magazine features another of Huntington Press’ “mob” memoirs for its “Witness Protection” series, with excerpts from Frank Cullotta and Dennis Griffin’s collaboration, Cullotta.

The man you see in the film Casino is the real Frank Cullotta, the same man who did the actual murder for which he was given immunity. Scorsese had Cullotta act out the scene rather than Frank Vincent, who portrayed Cullotta in the movie,” says Casino author/screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi.

Frank Cullotta is the real deal. He and Tony “the Ant” Spilotro were boyhood friends back in Chicago and it was Spilotro who convinced Cullotta to migrate to Vegas.Click here to read the complete feature, including interviews with Cullotta and his co-author, ex-cop Dennis Griffin.

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