Book Review: The Moneymaker Effect (Author — Eric Raskin) Senior Writer and longtime Media Director of the World Series of Poker, Nolan Dalla, reviews Huntington Press’ The Moneymaker Effect, by Eric Raskin, on

Aug. 7, 2014
“Even with the talented veteran freelance writer Eric Raskin doing all the research and organizing the narrative, I skeptically wondered what new territory could possibly be uncovered on an all-too familiar subject known to just about anyone who’s played a hand of poker within the past decade…
“Raskin’s genius comes in the clever layout of the subject matter and easy-to-digest presentation of material which is far more comprehensive than anything previously released.  The same story gets retold again, of course,  but from angles which are at times strikingly different.”

“A common insider perspective of the game’s unique subculture is that the real nuggets quite often aren’t poker-centric at all.  They have nothing to do with cards and chips.  The real games for really big stakes take place in dimly lit hallways and on midnight telephone calls.  The backstory of the crumbling Horseshoe, all the quirky characters, the greenhorn ESPN television crew which had never covered poker before, and the collective naivete among us all given that we had absolutely no clue this would turn out to be a lightning-in-a-bottle life-changing experience makes for a compelling and fun read, whether you were around back then, or not.
“In the right hands, old vines can produce wonderful new vintages.  This is the case with Eric Raskin’s highly-recommended The Moneymaker Effect.”
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