The Moneymaker Effect…effect?

pokerstars-logoChris Moneymaker, the man and legend himself, reviews Huntington Press’ The Moneymaker Effect, written by Eric Raskin, and the effect it had on poker as a whole.

August 12, 2014

It’s pretty interesting to read what others have to say about that year — about my play, about the tournament in general, about everything that was going on with Binion’s, and everything else.
..the whole dynamic between Sam and myself, being so different — basically polar opposites — made things fun, too. Sam was definitely the Vegas grinder, the typical pro, and people didn’t know as much about poker back then which made his personality even more interesting.

But truthfully every seat at that final table was filled with an interesting character. It was kind of the perfect storm, and it really hasn’t happened since.
..It’s probably the best way to write poker history — to try to talk to everyone involved and get all of those different views like Raskin did. I don’t think there’s any other poker book like it.


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