Reefer Gladness: Stories, Essays and Riffs on Marijuana

420420 Magazine reviews Huntington Press’ Reefer Gladness, written by Michael Konik.


August 13, 2014

Judging the book by it’s black and white cover and spartan artwork, I braced myself for a tedious read…….I was hooked on page 4

…Whether you’ve smoked once or twice in college, or if you’ve smoked once or twice this morning, you’ll find you can “totally relate” to this book. This guy gets it, for sure. One page will have you recalling your first encounters with weed, women, wine…..the next page will have you laughing at and relating to stories about the munchies.

Do you have 5 minutes to read? Is it raining or snowing and you feel like reading all day? Do you merely want to have an interesting title on the coffee table? Reefer Gladness is all three of those and more. Even if you don’t use marijuana, you’ll enjoy reading this book.

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